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Our customers say it best..

“roomMaster was recommend to us by our IT consultant a few years ago. NFS have always been a very straightforward company to deal with. They have never made promises they cannot keep. The package was implemented very well, the on-site training was professionally carried out. We use roomMaster at two of our award winning four-star hotels in Wales I can certainly say the product is superb.”

Louise Eakins, Financial Controller Morgans Hotel, Swansea, Wales

Technology Trends in 2016 for the Hotel Sector

As hotel technology trends continue to develop at a relentless speed, it can be difficult for hoteliers to keep pace, let alone look to the future. However in the year to come, the direct impact of technology, especially with the continuing rise of mobile to communicate with hotels; savings and improvements means that managers really

How connectivity and technology are critical to hotel management

Current thinking on prospects for hotels in the UK from PriceWaterHouseCooper (PWC) has cited four ‘megatrends’ of which one is ‘breakthroughs in technology and connectivity.’ In its latest UK hotels forecast 2016, where the mood is positive for the sector, PWC shows how UK hotels will continue to benefit from the improving economic and travel

The secret behind those cheap hotel rooms

It’s that time of year again. Christmas is over, the New Year has begun and suddenly, the TV is full of advertisements telling you how to get the best hotel rooms at bargain prices. You know the sort of thing – book now and get a four-star room for a two-star price. Ever wondered how

The Benefits of Integrated Hotel Software

Being in the hospitality industry can be difficult enough in consideration of customer service, competition and maintenance. However, one of the largest challenges hoteliers face today is a lack of technology integration. Current software conditions do not communicate well with one another, giving the challenge the common reputation of being ‘islands of automation.’ This increases

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